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The NCE programme was launched in 2006 and today there are 19 clusters which have been awarded NCE status. NCE Raufoss was one of three clusters to be selected for the pilot project in 2004 when the programme was first established. The purpose of these clusters is to create a skills and competencies map for Norway and to highlight the leading industrial and business nodes in the country. Its ambition is to make Norway’s already strong clusters into something even stronger.
The Norwegian Innovation Clusters is a collaboration between Innovation Norway, the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway and the Research Council of Norway with financing from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation.

The work at Raufoss is led by Erland Paulsrud, who is the former CEO of Nammo Raufoss AS with over 40 years of industrial experience under his belt. Within the cluster there is broad collaboration between relevant research environments, the university, university colleges and other centres of competence both nationally and internationally all with the focus of boosting innovation. NCE Raufoss is firmly rooted on a local level but also operates as a regional and national centre of competence within manufacturing and lightweight materials.



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