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Corporate social responsibility

Responsible and sustainable development

Raufoss Industrial Park commits to follow all applicable laws and regulations at all times and undertakes to ensure that all agreements, requirements and societal obligations are adequately met and that all services are delivered in line with expectations and at the right quality.

We need to show both the local society and society at large, as well as our own employees and other employees at the park, that we are socially responsible and that we safeguard the interests of our society in a comprehensive manner. 

Our focus on HSE, quality, environment and energy consumption guides all that we do here at Raufoss Industrial Park. We are very aware of our responsibility and work towards continuous improvement through the use of preventive and quantifiable measures on performance, use and consumption within the focus areas above. 

Our board shall ensure that we are at all times in compliance with our guidelines on corporate social responsibility and our CEO shall ensure that these are executed and monitored. With the exception of trade secrets, we shall be open and transparent about all of our decisions and activities which affect society and the environment.

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Corporate social responsibility
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