logoHexagon Raufoss AS is a leading developer and manufacturer of complete storage systems for alternative fuels. The product range includes lightweight and easy-to-install systems for storing CNG and compressed hydrogen. Hexagon Raufoss offer products with a long and proven market-record as well as concepts designed for cost-effective mass-production.

Hexagon Raufoss AS is located in Raufoss Industrial Park, 100 km north of Oslo and 50 km south of Lillehammer.

Our company develops and supplies high pressure gas storage systems for vehicles and gas distribution. Key components are light weight composite cylinders.

Hexagon Raufoss is a 100% subsidiary of Hexagon Composites ASA (www.hexagon.no). In close cooperation with our affiliated companies Hexagon Ragasco AS in Norway and Hexagon Lincoln in the USA, our group has become a worldwide leader in manufacturing and supply of lightweight pressurized gas storage for city buses, trucks, passenger cars and gas transportation.

Compressed natural gas (CNG), biomethane and hydrogen represent the major alternative to fossil fuels in the transport sector within the near future.


Adresse: Boks 74
Poststed: NO-2831 Raufoss
Telefon: +47 61 15 22 20
Fax: +47 61 15 17 65
Kontaktperson: Jørn Helge Dahl
E-mail: info@hexagonraufoss.com
Www: http://www.hexagonraufoss.com
Org.nummer: 985 090 211



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