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Raufoss Industrial Park is a high-tech environment that requires high competence at all levels. The companies in the park have long traditions within industrial production for an international market. In order to secure the ability to compete, the companies in the industrial park want to get in contact with individuals that wish to contribute with their knowledge in a professional and good working environment. In the following, you will find information about our various recruitment channels.

Production Co-workers
The companies in Raufoss Industrial Park have a common application system for recruitment of production co-workers. By filling in and submitting this form (see below) you make yourself available to all the companies that are in need of new co-workers. You send/deliver the completed form to one of the companies or the main guard in the Industrial Park. You can also e-mail your application to the address that you find at the bottom of the application form. As an applicant, you must also register as a job-seeker with NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) ( You do not have to be unemployed in order to do this. Your application will be filed with NAV, and it will be handled as an application to one or more of the companies in the Industrial Park.

The companies themselves are responsible for the advertising of vacant functionary positions. Follow the link to the companies under ”Companies P” and ”Companies S” in the left hand menu on the home page.

Recruitment of skilled workers with a certificate of apprenticeship is very important to the companies in Raufoss Industrial Park. As a result of this, there is a separate office for administering apprentice contracts. The training office for industrial subjects at Raufoss – OIR (– functions as a co-operative body between several member companies, both inside and outside of the industrial park. OIR is responsible for recruitment and training of apprentices.

Depending on the budgets and plans of each particular member company, OIR advertises each year for a certain number of apprentices in various industrial disciplines.

The selection of apprentices is done in cooperation with the company that signs the contract with the particular apprentice and which will be the apprentice’s work place in the period of training. The official contract of apprenticeship is a contract between OIR and the apprentice.

The total period of apprenticeship for most industrial disciplines is 4 years (2 years at upper secondary school / 2 year apprenticeship in a company). Normally, the period of apprenticeship starts immediately after the company’s summer vacation.

OIR has the overall responsibility of securing that the apprentice receives satisfactory training in accordance with the curriculum of the particular subject, as well as follow-up and continuous assessment during the period of apprenticeship. In addition, OIR is responsible for administrative tasks in connection with the apprenticeship programmes. Experienced, skilled workers of the various member companies are responsible for the actual training of the apprentices.

Summer Jobs
Summer jobs are organised by each particular company. Follow the links to the companies under ”Companies P” and ”Companies S” in the left hand menu on the home page.

Through NCE (Norwegian Center of Expertise), Raufoss Industrial Park is a member of ”Trainee Innlandet”. This is Norway’s first and largest regional trainee programme for newly qualified professionals. Via this programme, you, as a newly qualified professional, will have the opportunity to gain work experience from many large employers. For further information, go to the “Trainee Innlandet” home page (

Schools and Educational Institutions
The companies in the industrial park cooperate intimately with various schools and educational institutions. Cooperation is done at various levels and fields.

  1. work placement - practice
  2. project assignments in connection with the training
  3. guided tours
  4. information to various schools and universities

Primarily, Raufoss Industrial Park is in need of technological competence, and, accordingly, has focused on technological study programmes.


Application Forms
This form may assist you in a best possible mapping of your competence, and should be filled out with a view to what you want to work with or what positions you want to apply for. Download.